The health sector in Agadir consists of:

Hospitals and Health Centers


Hassan II Regional Hospital

University Hospital of Agadir (under construction)

Psychiatric Hospital (under construction)

Regional Center of Oncology

Addiction Medicine Center

Tikiouine Tuberculosis Control Center

Tikiouine Urban Health Center

Ihchache Urban Health Center

Talborjt Urban Health Center

Urban Health Center - Industrial District

Amsernat Urban Health Center

Bensergao Urban Health Center

Aghroud Urban Health Center

Al Salam Urban Health Center

Al Quds Urban Health Center

Urban Health Center - Upper Anza Tadart

Private Clinics


Argana clinic

Al Massira Clinic

Al Inbiaat Clinic

Tilila Clinic

Souss Clinic

Al Huda Clinic

Jihan Clinic

Tifaout Clinic

Moulay Youssef Specialties Clinic

Social Security Clinic

Agadir Specialties Clinic

Assolil Clinic

Iligh clinic

Agadir Private Hospital

The Communal Health Office

It is an office affiliated to the urban commune of Agadir, and its tasks include: fighting insects and rodents, fighting stray dogs, collective mortuaries, sterilization and combating Covid-19, monitoring air quality, monitoring restaurants and cafes, seizing and destroying food products unfit for human consumption or spoiled.