Transportation and roads

Agadir is considered one of the best Moroccan cities in terms of public transportation, which covers the various regions and neighborhoods of the city.

Road transport
ALSA provides buses for urban transport in various neighborhoods of Agadir. The network of ALSA lines reaches the neighboring cities such as Inezgane, Ait Melloul, Dechira Jihadia, Lqlia, Ouled Taima, Biougra, and Ait Baha. ALSA buses also arrive in some rural communities near Agadir: Tamri, Sidi Bibi and Massa. Amal Way buses are high quality public transport buses and it is a project currently under construction.
Agadir Road Station
Agadir can be easily reached via numerous daily trips by buses transporting travelers from various Moroccan cities, from the north (Nador, Tangiers, Tetouan), the east (Oujda) and the south (Laayoune, Dakhla), in addition to many other big cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech and Fes.
Air Transport
Agadir Al Massira Airport is an international airport that connects Agadir and many Moroccan cities with direct flights (Casablanca, Laayoune, Dakhla, Rabat, Tangier, Fes) and also connects with many European cities through daily flights and multiple airlines.