Président’s message

From city to metropolis

Agadir is in a perpetual renaissance

Aziz Akhannouch
Président of Communal Council of Agadir

Agadir is the city that embodies rebirth in all its forms. Rebuilt after the tragedy of the 1960 earthquake, thanks to “the will of a King and his people,” Agadir is now living to the rhythm of its second renaissance.

Thanks to the Urban Development Program (PDU) launched by His Majesty King Mohamed VI, may God assist him; the city is undergoing a metamorphosis in an unprecedented urban renewal. 

Armed with our love for our city and our civic engagement, we are perpetuating this momentum today through an ambitious action plan for the period 2022-2027.

Placing people at the heart of our priorities, our roadmap is the result of several months of listening, consultation, and exchange with the Gadiris and the living forces of the city.

This participatory and inclusive approach will guide our present and future actions so that our city reconnects with its past.

Agadir, the multi-faceted tourist destination, will become a wealth-creating socio-economic hub that attracts investors from all walks of life.

By strengthening its identity, Agadir aims to become the capital of Amazigh culture, thus contributing to the preservation of collective memory and the promotion of ancestral cultural heritage. 

Agadir is a young city with all the assets to position itself as a city of culture and sports. These are two potential niches that combine attractiveness with the promotion of local talent and the emergence of future generations. 

Agadir has the ambition to become an intelligent, resilient, and sustainable metropolis that offers a pleasant living environment to its citizens and a memorable experience for its visitors. Agadir, today, is the project of a metropolis rooted in its history, turned towards the future.

Together, we will succeed in realizing the vision of His Majesty, may God glorify him, for our city, which is to make it at the center of a moving Morocco, and its gateway to its African depths.