Residence Permit

Residence Permit

  • A Works Completion Statement submitted to the Communal Departments by the applicant, his/her legal representative or the architect in change for the works.
  • Certificate of ownership or certificate of utilizitation.
  • A copy of the drinkable water contract.
  • Copy of the National Identity Card.
  • A certificate from the architect attesting the completion of the works. An original copy of not less than a month.
  • A technical card issued by the architect Original copy.
  • Certificate of completion of works issued by the monitoring office Original copy.
  • A copy of the design.
  • Certificate of tax exemption on undevelopped land Original copy.
  • The authenticated residence permit application is obtained from the counter (Download the application).

Note: (incomplete files are not accepted).

  • Urban planning department (counter for receiving files)
  • Communal annexes (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza)
  • The Application is filed by the applicant (Artificial Entity or natural person), the architect in charge of the project, or a legal representative.

  • Floor Planning Department, Ihchach Administrative annex, Cheikh Saadi avenue (Residence Permit Filing Office).
  • Communal annexes (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza)

  • Reconstruction department

  • 1 week following the submission of the application (Incomplete Applications are not reviewed.)

  • Fees shall be determined according to the collective tax decision.

Other procedures