Renovations Permit: Small Projects

Renovations Permit: Small Projects

  • Handwriten application.
  • Copy of the National Identity Card (CNIE).
  • Certificate of ownership.
  • The Approved Blueprint and 2 copies of Original Construction Authorization.
  • Housing Permit or any document indicating the opening of the construction site.
  • Certificate of follow-up of the works by the architect.
  • Certified commitment letter (Download commitment letter).
  • Approval of trustee of building.

Note: Incomplete applications are not reviewed.

  • Central Office of the Planning Department: Cheikh Saadi Avenue (Filing Office).
  • Communal annexes (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza).
  • The Application is filed by the applicant (Artificial Entity or natural person), the architect in charge of the project, or a legal representative.

  • Urban planning department (counter for receiving files).
  • Communal annexes (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza).

Note: The file shall be submitted by the applicant (a natural or legal person), the architect in charge of the project or the legal representative.

A Review Committee in charge of inspecting small business consists of:

  • Urban Planning Division Ihchach annex Sheikh Saadi Boulevard.
  • Communal branch offices (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza).

  • 1 weeks after filing the Application (Incomplete applications are not reviewed)

  • Fees shall be determined according to the collective tax decision.

Other procedures