Permits to open polluting, disturbing, and hazardous institutions classified as Class 1

Licenses to run classified businesses (Hammams, laundry services, bakeries, car wash services…)

  • A Formal Request to the President of the commune council
  •  Photos of Applicant (Manager/Owner)
  • Birth Certificate or its equivalent
  • A copy of the National Identity Card (or Residency Permit for foreigners)
  • A copy of the rental agreement or the Ownership Certificate
  • An initial design/layout planning, approved by the communal construction department, regarding renovations or changes to the place of business
  • For Companies: a copy of the company agreement alongside the Manager(s) Appointment Record.
  • Receipt of the project’s Risks and Benefits investigation fees paid to the Communal Income fund.
  • A copy of the Articles of Association in cases of companies
  • A copy of the trade register in cases of companies.
  • A copy of the patent (Professional Tax) in cases of companies.

  • File an application to the Clerk’s Office. The application shall bear the full name, or the company name along with the company’s stamp, as well as the phone number and address
  • The file shall be submitted to the economic affairs and administrative police office
  • The application needs to be filed by the applicant (Natural Person or Artificial Entity) or by his/her legal counsel or representative

  • Department of Economic Affairs and Administrative Police office

  • Department of Economic affairs and administrative police office.
  • Health and Food Safety Office.
  • Urban Planning Division.
  • Civil protection (car wash services excepted).

  • The license shall be granted immediately after implementation by the project owner of the inspection committee’s observations
  • A fifteen-days-long research shall be conducted on the benefits and disadvantages (after paying the announcement fees)

  • Submit a receipt of payment of the announcement fees charged by the Finance and Budget Division for conducting a research on the benefits and disadvantages.

Other procedures