Authorization of Light Works and seasonal or temporary Facilities

Authorization of Light Works and seasonal or temporary Facilities

  • A signed and certified application by the owner (a copy delivered by the architect).
  • A certified contract of the architect wherein they clearly state their commitment to supervise the works until obtaining the residence permit or the certificate of conformity.
  • Construction drawing.
  • Borders drawing.
  • Workshop book.
  • Initial approval of the administrative police or the state.
  • A copy of the authenticated design.
  • Building permit with payment receipt.
  • Residence permit, certificate of conformity or a certificate proving the opening of construction workshops.
  • Statute.
  • Copy of the National Identity Card (CNIE).
  • Fire safety document.
  • Energy efficiency document.
  • A certificate of ownership if the applicant is the owner, or a true copy proving the applicant’s right to perform the repair or development works.

Note: Incomplete applications are not reviewed

  • Urban planning department (counter for receiving files).
  • Communal annexes (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza)
  • The Application is filed by the applicant (Artificial Entity or natural person) or a legal representative.

  • Urban Planning Division Ihchach annex Sheikh Saadi Boulevard.
  • Communal annexes (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza)

  • Reconstruction department

  • After the committee’s decision on the file (Incomplete applications are not reviewed).

  • Fees shall be determined according to the collective tax decision.

Other procedures