License for real estate division or allotment

License for real estate division or allotment

  • Design of the land location in 4 copies at a scale of 1/2000 or 1/5000.
  • A certificate obtained from the Real Estate Office (notably 4 true copies) indicating the nature, the content, the name of the owner, real rights, real estate cost related to the property and the shares of each co-owner in the case of a common ownership.
  • (A proof of ownership, notably a title deed or a true certified copy of the property name, shall be attached to the cadastral plan).
  • 4 copies of the general design/drawing illustrating the existing buildings.
  • 4 copies of the drawing of the project of the correct division on a scale of 1/500 or 1/1000 if there is no sale of the undivided property.
  • Certified application by the owner
  • Certified topographical engineer contract.

Note: (incomplete files are not accepted).

  • Urban planning department (counter for receiving files).
  • Communal branch offices (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza).
  • The file shall be submitted by the applicant (a natural or legal person), the architect in charge of the project or the legal representative.

  • Urban Planning Division Ihchach annex Sheikh Saadi Boulevard.
  • Communal branch offices (Tikiouine, Bensergao, Anza).

Committee responsible for considering large scale projects.

After the file is submitted and reviewed by the committee (incomplete files will not be considered).

Fees shall be determined according to the collective tax decision.

Other procedures